Let Freedom Of Speech Reach Everyone!
What Do You Think?
Written By: SexyStabber
How To Make Life Precious
Written By: DeadMan
A World Tolerating Violence More Than Sex?
Written By: Grrrrrr
Take A Minute And Think Of This!
Loving What Harms You, Is Deadly!
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Dear Santa, I've Been Naughty

By: badgirl
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Dear Santa,

I've been naughty to those who were nice. 

I don't appreciate people who spend most hours of the day supporting me. I don't give back. I try to, but when it comes down to it, I just get too lazy to do what matters, to support those who care.

I acknowledge my faults and I plan to work for them, but then I just don't. For no good reason, it's like this unwillingness to help is such a  powerful force that the bright do-gooder inside me is just an echo...a faint echo with little muscle to break through to produce any effect.


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You know what I hate, people who don't know how to judge.

It's so easy for you to judge a situation that means nothing to you and truly act like it's different from an identical situation that's close to your heart. For example, Sarah is on her knees, get her pussy fucked and her mouth stuffed with a cock larger than Backstreet Boys ever were. Sarah is on the phone with Leyla as well.

Sarah: "bppaasbe, dohn't yoh thunk tha' Cccathy ith a biig thlut"

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 Okay I meet this guy in class. It started like a friendship at first. Then we started to talk.W e became close. Then one day I got his phone number from a friend without him noticing. So I texted him me trying to prank call him. 

After we texted for a while, he said let's play a game while we were texting. I went along with it. He started to ask me random question and I answer them.

Then we started to sext. I liked it we did it for awhile. 

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I met him through FB. He plays in a band. He's very gorgeous with a gentle aura. He is very warm.. I fell in love with him. We only met once he went here for a tour. He has a wife already. He kept telling me that he cannot fall in love with me because he can't break his family. But he admits he like me very much and I'm special for him.. What can I do? He is just too cold.

I keep telling him how much I love him but no affections return for me. He said he wishes I wont find another man but that is so unfair because he doesn't love me.

I'm going crazy I love you Mim

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Even if they dump you, they still don't want you dating anyone else. 

Even if they dump you and you get over it really fast, you're a heartless bastard. 

Even if they dump you, they don't want to see you happy, because that diminishes the significance of their presence in your life. It kills it and puts it in the "over it" category.

Here's how to piss her off:

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Wild: Does she yell before taking a shot, then takes it with yours to follow since you're too slow? Does she have a few tattoos? Dance like a cripple and start bitch fights? Then you must fuck her like it's a punishment. Spank her ass until it's numb, pull her hair and compliment her by calling her a slut. Any other way and she'll declare you a 'pussy'.


No Shit

By: unemployed
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So jennifer aniston is on my bed. I'm all up in her legs giving her the massage of her life. I look up (she's standing) and I can see that pussy staring me right in the eye!.....As I make my way up her thigh I can feel that Pussy juice all over it. The she says: well, don't you wanna tear that shit up? I'm like hell yeh baby!! So I lay her down and start lighting her up with up with my fingers first. Then I get a hard on that would catch a lightning if it struck. It's ass tearing time, target: Jenny's sweet vagina.


Family Ties

By: stepsis
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I've slept with my half brother. It's not as bad as it sounds. We're both in our late teens, my father is in love with his mother. They forced two people who are attracted to each other to live under the same roof...FOR YEARS...It was bound to happen.

Can someone stop making me feel like I am crazy...It's not incest, obviously..right.it's not so wrong is it?