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Written By: DeadMan
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Dazed And Confused

By: Daze
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My boss asks for my guidance but won't give me a raise.

My divorced parents are giving me relationship advice.

I work in a place I don't like, don't need...because I don't know the path I'm supposed to take and I can't work my mind to get motivated enough to take a stupid risk.

I indulge in too much sex and drugs to forget, but when I don't forget, it's quite daunting.

We live once acting like we'll never die....

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I wanna cheat a lot, being 761 miles away from you, it makes me feel loved at times but with you following more than 700 girls on Instagram I wonder if I'm really the one you want.

I'm not pretty I don't have a nice looking body and of course I'm sure you know my personality ... My jealousy and insecurity is hideous.

I need to be steered in the right direction. I just wanna be able to say I'm his one and only and know that is true.

Help me someone.

I'm 4 months pregnant with his baby.


Fitness and Weed

By: PE Teacher
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I teach fitness at a high school. I teach my students how to run, lift and eat well. I also sell them marijuana.

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Our long distance "love" affair has lasted for 9 years. Years filled with secret talks, a deep longing for one another, and a passion that nobody but ourselves could understand. You got me more than anyone else ever could, even with the long miles between us.
Never thought I'd fall in love with my "chat room sweetheart".
Not even our relationships with others could keep us away from each other. Sexting. Picture exchanges. Skype play. The occasional phone sex. It was exciting. Taboo. Our own little secret.

You Want A Job?

By: SuccessfulWoman
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There are many questions people ask themselves daily.

What do I do when my job completely sucks? What do I do when my wife doesn't show me affection? What do I do when my wife sucks in bed?
Why do my kids not give me attention anymore? How can I improve myself? How can I make more of an impact on society? Why does everything seem so damn cyclical???

My question is...

What do I do about my wife being addicted to porn, swinging, and lesbians?


The Five Two

By: Fiver
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The five two.

The five two.

The five two.

Fuck the five two.

Five days of work. Two days off.

How is no one opposing the FUCKING FIVE TWO?!!??

Money again right? If it was three four...that would've been great. Or why seven? Why seven days in a week? Why not six? three, three.

The fuck is up with five two enslavement belt? 

The fucked up thing is, when I'm not longer part of the five two, I'm going to do exactly nothing to change things. 

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Every confession, almost every confession on here, revolves around some sexual sin. As if sex is a isn't, but perhaps the way in which the citizens on this site have went about it, was pretty sinful.

My confession isn't any better, it's not any more profound. It's just as sick, just as harsh, and what's worse is the lack of remorse I'm trying to force myself to feel.

I leave my husband at kids at night to go to my girlfriend. 

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They ask me why I have no girlfriend. 

They wonder if I'm gay.

They talk about me, behind my back like it's okay.

They assume. I like to take it in weird ways. From men, maybe animals.

They judge the way I pronounce my 's' and my fashion sense.

....It's a secret kept well. 

I am sleeping with my brother's girlfriend.

How's that for a twist...

How's that for harsh truth...

How's that, brother?

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So the father of my son's would rather choose his "friend" over me and our son.

His "friend" in the past has told me personally how he would kick his ass calling him a b**** and trying to steal me away from him. My son's father has ditched me and our son countless of times along with our mutual friends that we always hang out with on the weekend. To be honest I don't believe the excuses he tells like "oh he needs help with his credit ya da ya da". This "friend" is also a father and has to call on my son's father to take care of his kid when ours is sick.