Let Freedom Of Speech Reach Everyone!
What Do You Think?
Written By: SexyStabber
How To Make Life Precious
Written By: DeadMan
A World Tolerating Violence More Than Sex?
Written By: Grrrrrr
Take A Minute And Think Of This!
Loving What Harms You, Is Deadly!
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Last night I ran into an old love of mine. My first love.

We met in high-school, tenth grade.

We dated for a decade after that. Visited each other in college, week in, week out.

We've been through a lot. I walked in on her cheating, she walked in on me cheating. We hit each other in love, in hate. Hated each other, loved each other. I stood by her every second of the way when her mother went through the merciless stages of cancer. She did the same when the same happened to my father.

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Whoever goes out of his way against gay people, has his/her own issues to solve, not least of which, his/her own repressed homosexuality.

Whoever needlessly unleashes violence or emotional hurt against those who practice things in life that in no way alter anyone else's lifestyle, has his/her own issues to solve, not the least of which, weakness. The inability to independently live the lifestyle they desire.

Whoever wrote Hide Gay Pride, can go fuck him/herself.


Self-Centred Earth

By: Sell Fish
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So many temptations in life justified to be tried by the notion that 'we live once' or that YOLO bullshit.

Many friends I know, cheat on their loved ones saying it's because: if they're to marry, then poor her, to have him commit adultery. If he is to marry her and be forever loyal to her, then it is ok, until then, for him to fuck other women while she stays eternally loyal...Or vice versa.

Fathers of friends, steal money, cut back on costs by shortening on their employees, their family knows this, and they talk about people needing to do what needs to be done to survive.

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The depth of loneliness in which I'm swimming is deafening, blinding and shocking.

i'm good-looking, popular and have no shortage of friends, tight bonds and genuine love.

Yet I feel lonelier than the ugliest rat of a human.

Which, in turn, makes it even more hurtful. The vaccuum encompasses you even further.

The thing about it is, I don't know what it is I want and why it is this feeling creeps up. The claustrophobia of emotional confusion is gravedigger.

Any tips? Anyone went through something similar?


Hide Gay Pride

By: Nagthefag
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Narrow-mindedness is the result of wide-spread controversies that should be kept hidden.

I have nothing against homosexuality. But I am against gay marriage.

It's a tragedy of human history that homosexuality has been ridiculed to a cave of taboo and sin. But what's done is done. As much as we'd like to change the course which was set by decisions placed in the hands of men ill-equipped to dress themselves let alone rule a country, we can't change a thing.

A result of such ill-fated history leads us to the present times. Obviously.


Blind Weed

By: HighThief
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I deal marijuana to blind people at a caring centre, it's not marijuana.


I'm not Naive, horny professor!

By: Studnet
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My professor is sleeping with my father.

I am sleeping with the professor's wife - because I loathe adultery, ironically.

My professor is a man.

What the fuck is your secret?


A devil within a Saint

By: St Evil
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I've always thought of myself as a good man. Had my doubts, but my intentions, my outlook on life and the things I want to accomplish are of good nature. My friendships are ones I've kept loyal to and I've never forgotten a favour.

I do things from the heart expecting nothing in return. I love seeing how happy people can be because of my genuine gestures and it gives me a sincere feeling of happiness within myself.

But I drink, a lot. And I'm afraid of myself when I do.


Dear Santa, I've Been Naughty

By: badgirl
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Dear Santa,

I've been naughty to those who were nice. 

I don't appreciate people who spend most hours of the day supporting me. I don't give back. I try to, but when it comes down to it, I just get too lazy to do what matters, to support those who care.

I acknowledge my faults and I plan to work for them, but then I just don't. For no good reason, it's like this unwillingness to help is such a  powerful force that the bright do-gooder inside me is just an echo...a faint echo with little muscle to break through to produce any effect.