Let Freedom Of Speech Reach Everyone!
What Do You Think?
Written By: SexyStabber
How To Make Life Precious
Written By: DeadMan
A World Tolerating Violence More Than Sex?
Written By: Grrrrrr
Take A Minute And Think Of This!
Loving What Harms You, Is Deadly!
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Drugs and Education

By: ProfessorWrong
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Instead of punishing them, I buy drugs from them...That's the kind of education system of we have now...

I'm their teacher.


No Shit

By: unemployed
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So jennifer aniston is on my bed. I'm all up in her legs giving her the massage of her life. I look up (she's standing) and I can see that pussy staring me right in the eye!.....As I make my way up her thigh I can feel that Pussy juice all over it. The she says: well, don't you wanna tear that shit up? I'm like hell yeh baby!! So I lay her down and start lighting her up with up with my fingers first. Then I get a hard on that would catch a lightning if it struck. It's ass tearing time, target: Jenny's sweet vagina.


Family Ties

By: stepsis
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I've slept with my half brother. It's not as bad as it sounds. We're both in our late teens, my father is in love with his mother. They forced two people who are attracted to each other to live under the same roof...FOR YEARS...It was bound to happen.

Can someone stop making me feel like I am crazy...It's not incest, obviously..right.it's not so wrong is it?

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This all started back when I was with my last bf, D. He loved me more than I could ever love him. I felt suffocated and overprotected by him. If a guy even tried to be a foot in front of me he would say weare too close. The night this started, D Went home before I did. I walked to the cafeteria and ran into a friend of mine M. He and I had been sexting for a month before this day and I was really into him.


The Power Of A Rumour

By: gossipboy
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I spread a rumor that got my best friend and his girlfriend expelled as seniors. No graduation for them. I feel so stupid and guilty but not so much so that I can confess it. I'm too scared to confess it.

I don't even know why I did it.

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What a waste of money the xbox one and  PS4 are. I remember the day when one would want to play a videogame to kill time or just get away from things.

But now those that wish to play have to fall within this corporate console feud and neither console have  presented customer satisfaction what so ever. You will waste  400-500 dollars on either console just to by playing 3 to 4 games either console  have to produced.  And these gamers now a days are such corporate zombie consumers that they will go buy anything these two corporations willl throw at them.  

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How do I start this, my culture is full of hypocrites. Now whenever that is said, the rebuttal that gets thrown at me is that "O yeh! Well how is Israel and U.S any better?" Thus turning my argument into a political statement.

What I mean by my culture being full of hypocrites is that we claim we are good and the best in the world yet we judge and mock every other culture and religion out there.

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Developed a longing for him before I even knew what he looked like. Being 600 miles away was not going to keep me from meeting him. After we met once, the sparks flew, second time, we made love. All he had to do was say the word and I would drop everything. Leave my family and friends behind and start a new life with, who I thought was, my soul mate. I knew he had a girl. I knew it was serious. I didn't care. Something deep inside kept telling me one day he would leave her and let me take her place in his arms.